I went to Disney World yesterday for the first time since I was eight. Immediately I went to buy a Peter Pan cap. Peter Pan has been my favorite Disney movie since I was two. After I found my cap and went on a few rides I went around looking for Peter. Once I found him I waited in line to get my picture, which probably looked odd seeing as I am sixteen years old and 5”8, standing in line next to a bunch of six year olds. Once I got up there, he saw my cap and said “Defending the park from Hook while I’m off duty?” I replied “yes, I hope I’m doing a good job!”
That was around the time he noticed the scars on my wrists. He kinda gave me a look in my eyes that looked like it said “you okay?” I told him, “well Peter, you’d know better than anyone how tough it is to grow up.” And he looked at me and whispered, “Neither of us are grown up yet. We might have gotten older over the years, but we haven’t forgotten what it’s like.”
Then he told me, “since we’re both from Neverland, and you’re my partner in crime, stand back to back with me, and cross your arms. We’ve got to do the signature pose!”
I know the guy who dresses up as Peter Pan for Disney doesn’t realize this, but all that he did for me in the five minutes I met him made me feel happier than I’ve felt in months. I felt like a child again, and feeling like a child is pretty great sometimes.
I’m not ready to grow up yet.

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