she fell in love with him at 11:46 am on september 11th.
it was ten years after the legit 9/11, but it was 9/11 nonetheless.
he was dressed in a pale white shirt, and was wearing a red wig over his blonde hair.
he took the wig off for a while later.
he carried a pair of handcuffs.
she would see the irony later.
the chain was long enough for someone to use as a jump rope.
he wore his cuff on his left wrist.
he saw her from across the room, recognized her from their brief meeting the previous afternoon.
she left her friends.
she attached herself to the other cuff.
she wanted to be close to him.
mistake number one.
she had never seen eyes so blue and clear.
they made her want to be lost.
he took her outside, and they went for a walk around the building.
mistake number two.
she asked how old he was.
he gave his answer, then asked the same.
she lied.
she didn’t think anything would come out of it.
mistake number three.
he asked her if she liked to dance.
she answered, “i don’t know how”.
he laughed.
she loved his laugh from the minute she heard it.
it was a contagious laugh.
it was filled with joy.
it made her want to trust him with everything.
mistake number four.
he looked down at her, and said,
“may i have this dance?”
he held her close.
it made her smile.
he spun her.
she became tangled in the handcuff chain.
she laughed.
they were very close now.
their faces would have been touching, had he not been a good seven inches taller than her.
she wasn’t used to being the shorter one.
it made her feel safe with him.
mistake number five.
he leaned down and kissed her.
and the world stopped.
he was the third person she had ever been kissed by.
the world was still frozen.
their first kiss was in a parking lot.
she would see the irony later.

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